children's party packages

Breakout Room in Ramsgate offer a wide variety of children's party packages to cater for your Birthday party, we are here to offer an experience like no other. Our Charlie & The Chocolate Factory themed room is perfect for children however any children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Please note that puzzles in this room are designed for children so we advise adults to guide but not complete any puzzles.

birthday Party PACKAGE

2.5 Hours (1 hour room access) Milkshake or a soft drink of your choice on arrival & entry to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. Upon exit / completion of the game a choice of a Party Food is available:

Option 1: Charlie Bucket Party Food
Which comprises of: Pizza, Slider Burgers, Fries & Sides with a choice of Orange or Blackcurrant Squash.

2-8 Children £200

Option 2: Verruca Salt Party Food
Which comprises of: Sandwiches, cold selection of savory food, cakes & crisps with a choice of Orange or Blackcurrant Squash.

2-8 Children £200

Option 3: Violet Beauregarde Party Food
Which comprises of: a choice of either food options above with Golden Ticket invitations, party photos, balloons and banners to decorate.

8 Children £275

Option 4: Mike TV - Bring your own food
Which comprises of: Orange & Blackcurrant Squash only, however you can bring your own party food if required

8 Children £130

Decorations are only provided on the Violet Beauregarde option, you may come early to decorate yourselves on all other options. "All allergy information must be provided via email 2 weeks before the event."

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